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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY – Terracotta Birdbath

While browsing through Pinterest I found a really cute birdbath made from terracotta pots and a terracotta saucer. Unfortunately the Pinterest link did not provide any instructions so I did a little search on Google to find instructions so I will share my version with you.

What you will need:
1 14” terracotta pot
1 12” terracotta pot
1 10” terracotta pot
1 16” terracotta saucer
Liquid Nails adhesive (I used one for extreme heat)
Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint – I used Pool and Green Curry
Martha Stewart foam Pouncers for the polka dots
1 can of Valspar Interior/Exterior Clear Sealer – I used Satin finish

You will notice I used the same paint that I used for my stackable planter I posted previously, so while I was painting those pots I painted the ones for my birdbath at the same time. You can also use any size pot and saucer of your choice just increase the pots by 2 inches and your saucer is suppose to be 4 inches bigger than your largest pot (more on this in a minute).

First you will want to stack the pots from largest to smallest upside down and take a pencil to mark a line around the pot it is sitting on. This is so you can save some time by not painting the entire pot since only a portion of it will be showing (with the exception of the smallest pot).

After you have marked your line paint your base color a little above the line you drew to make sure you do not have terracotta showing. Then have fun adding whatever creative design of your choice or you can leave them a solid color. I used Martha Stewart pouncers to make my polka dots.

Once the paint is dry spray several coats of Valspar Interior/Exterior clear sealer – I added more coats to the inside of the saucer since it would be holding water. Now it is time to assemble by stacking the pots upside down starting with the largest pot. The instructions said to use the Liquid Nails to glue each of the pots together but I opted not to do this step. We all know accidents can happen in the yard, since we have a lot of rock it is always possible for a rock to go flying out of the mower and I did not want to have to replace my entire birdbath if only one pot gets broken and they are heavy enough to stay in place. I followed the instructions for the Liquid Nails and applied it to the bottom of the smallest pot and adhered the saucer. Once this is dry fill the saucer with water and now your birds have somewhere to play and get water. I know my birds are enjoying it between 100 degree days and no rain their water source is limited.

Okay, so let me tell you the story behind the saucer so you can learn from my mistake. I searched everywhere for an 18” saucer and could never find one so I decided to be smart and purchase a plastic saucer than was 18 inches. Then I thought I could use plastic primer spray paint and that would let my paint adhere to the primer. WRONG! After spraying the saucer with primer, my Pool Martha Stewart paint, and adding my polka dots I picked up the saucer to add my sealer. Can I just tell you I was a very unhappy camper when the paint that was completely dry stuck to my finger and starting pulling off. My advice – do NOT buy plastic if you are going to try to paint it. I finally purchased a terracotta saucer that was 2 inches smaller and it turned out just fine.

I have one more outside project to share with you and with the hot weather we are having I am happy my outside projects are finished. J

Happy Crafting!



  1. Super cute, Tracey! I love the bright colors you've been using. And it will look perfect with your stackable pots!! :)

  2. I made one of these years ago and loved it. I still have it but have had to replace the top part a couple times. And becareful when putting pieces together they will break if they r to snug

  3. great idea re not gluing all pieces together! Makes more sense.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. While all the pots made it through last summer without getting broke I do like that I will only have to place one if an accident happens.

  4. Thanks for the idea. My kids and I made this in purple using spray paint. We are going to put their handprints on the sides this wknd. I will post pictures.

  5. Did these colors come in the two ounce bottles or can you purchase them in larger sizes? If two ounces how many bottles did you use?

  6. Did these colors come in the two ounce bottles or can you purchase them on larger sizes? If two ounce bottles how many did you use?

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you for stopping by my blog! Yes, the colors I used only come in the smaller Martha Stewart bottles. As much as I paint with these two colors I wish I could buy them in a larger size. :) Unfortunately, I do not remember how many bottles it took for this project as I also painted the pots for my Tipsy Stackable Planter at the same time.

  7. This is adorable! I was wondering how the paint holds up with water standing in the saucer? Does the spray sealer really work that well? I do funky painted furniture and have had trouble with the paint popping off even though I sealed it very well with spray sealer. Of course I was using spray primer, paint and spray sealer. I do know that the wood contracts and expands which is the reason the paint pops off. I have just started using Martha Stuarts multi surface paints for some small whimsical projects and have been happy with it's adhesion . Anxious to see how it holds up to outdoor chairs and such.Great fun project, Thanks for sharing! Carolyn (PS Check out my blog if you want to see some of my projects )

    1. Hello Carolyn, thank you for stopping by my blog and I will definitely stop by to take a look at your projects! I was actually surprised but the paint held up really well even with water sitting in the saucer. Just make sure you spray several coats of the sealer. I am a huge fan of the Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Paint! Thank you, Tracey

  8. Wow. This is one project where we can say "Why didn't I think of that."

    I love the idea - thank you.

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you like the project and I hope you have fun making one for your yard as well.


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